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Send2Email (SMS, MMS, Calls)
Applications: Communications

Sends SMS, MMS with attachments and Call entries to configured email at almost real-time. Remote start/stop capability via SMS.

Ideal when you are at a place where mobiles are not allowed or no cell signal, or traveling overseas, or forgot your phone at home - just leave it on and receive events via configured email.

HostMonitor + (Web, Ping, TCP)
Applications: Tools

Check status of multiple hosts on-demand or as periodic background service.

If there is a failure, App will sound alert. Great for Web Masters, Sys Admins and On-Call IT folks.

Support for:

  • Web (http, https)
  • Ping
  • Any Tcp/Ip with Port number

Keeps Detailed exportable/sharable log of events.

Fusion - Phone BookMark Manager on WiFi
Applications: Tools

  • Best way to manage your phone bookmarks is from your PC
  • View your browser bookmarks and history
  • Add/Delete/Edit your book marks
  • Export bookmarks
  • Import bookmarks from your browser exported bookmark file
  • Add bookmark from your history

Fusion - SD Card File Manager on WiFi
Applications: Tools

  • Browse, download, upload, delete and manage files on your phone SD card via a WiFi connection.
  • Built on ultra efficient Fusion WebServer (To be released soon to market)

SelectRinger -Do Not Disturb
Applications: Tools

  • Activate app to have calls from selected contacts only ring audible;
  • Other incoming calls from unknown, non-contact and non-selected numbers will ring silent.
  • Ideal when you do not want to be disturbed (work/school/sleeping) but still want to be alerted of important business or family calls.

Save2Email -SMS MMS Contacts
Applications: Tools

  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • SMS Messages
  • MMS messages
  • MMS attachments
  • phone settings
as one Zip file.
  • Send exported zip file to any Email using your own GMail.
  • Archive periodically and clean up Call logs, SMS and MMS messages - with out loosing history.

Send A Map -SMS, Email, Twitt
Applications: Communication

Email / SMS / Twitter any (not just your current) location as google map. Share that picnic spot or where to meet.

Easy to use interface
  • Where Am I - to locate your current location
  • Navigate mark and Send location in Sat or Map mode with exact zoom.
  • Include google geocode address
Help: PDF | HTML
Group SMS Plus
Applications: Communication

Send SMS to multiple contacts with one Click. Create, Manage contact groups & Send SMS.
  • Sends separate SMS per number
  • Some carriers convert SMS to MMS when sent to multiple contacts at a time.
  • This App will help eliminate these charges
  • Tested with upto 100 numbers
  • Great for Large groups
Help: PDF | HTML
Group SMS&MMS + Forward/Twitt
Applications: Communication

Send SMS/ to multiple contacts with one Click. Create, Manage contact groups & Send SMS.
  • Create and manage multiple SMS and EMAIL groups.
  • Send new SMS/MMS/EMAIL messages to selected groups and contacts with one click.
  • Forward SMS/MMS to SMS & EMAIL
  • Post received SMS/MMS on Twitter with attachment.
  • Upload MMS Attachments to Picasa (Pics) and YouTube (Video)
Help: PDF | HTML

Current App Users

Upcoming.. Soon

      • ParentalMonitor - Target 10/30
      • InfoTV- Target 12/30
      • PersonalLibrary - In Research
      • Consultant/Job Tracking - In Research
      • Geo Quiz - Learn and practice about countries, capitals & other information on the go - 11/30
      • TextBack Geo - Re Write
      • Fusion - Confidentail ADC2 Top20 Application

      • Send2Email * Done 9/12
      • Sys Admin tools - Host Monitor * Done 9/8
      • Fusion - BookMark Manager * Done 7/8
      • Fusion - SD Card File Manager * Done 7/6
      • Selective Ringer - DND for Android 2.0 * Done 6/19
      • Updates to Group SMS ** Current - Target July 10th * Done 6/22
      • Update to Save2Email * done 5/20
      • Voice Note ~ Not enough Market
      • CallNotes ~ Not enough Market
      • MassSMS ~ Not enough Market



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